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Heavy Stone


Since 2002, Heavy Stone has been the company jewelers turn to first when they need something cool. Our specialty is wedding bands, with hand forged designs in both modern and precious metals. We offer catalog styling for both men and women. We also love taking on custom work. Send us your crazy ideas, and we’ll return a beautifully crafted piece made right here in America.



Text engraving is a simple touch that makes every piece more personal. You can choose your font, select one or more locations, and include as many characters as you’d like. You can even write an entire paragraph. The copy will just get very, very small. Heavy Stone is special, because we’ve invested in technology that allows us to engrave even the hardest of materials (including tungsten and black ceramic.) The only no-gos are carbon fiber and Damascus. 



An incredible way to remember loved ones, fingerprint and handwrittten engraving is a popular personal touch to add to jewelry. Send us a black and white JPEG image of your handwritten message. Send us the same of your fingerprint. (It’s a good idea to go for high contrast and avoid pressing too hard – to where the print lines might get smudged.) Take multiple prints to ensure we get a great final product. With your smartphone, simply zoom in and take a photo. Email it to us, and we will engrave it.



Incorporate your personal flowers into your jewelry for a daily reminder of a special day or loved on. We only need 2-3 petals to make your piece. (It’s best when you send us dried flowers.) We offer beautiful floral design options in ring, pendant, and earring format. Or, if you simply love the floral look but don’t want to submit flowers yourself, we have pink, purple, red, and white flowers we can add to any design.



What more special way to remember a loved one than to add their ashes to a piece of jewelry? We’ve designed styles that highlight the beauty of the ash while protecting the dignity of the person or furry friend. We only require a teaspoon or so create the design, and we can easily incorporate mica powder, white opal, gold fleck, or a crushed gemstone to add a little color or shimmer.



A new take on the mother’s ring, breast milk jewelry is the new ultimate mom’s medal. You’d be shocked at just how beautiful a breast milk halo or inlay can be, especially when you add white opal or gold fleck to the design. We try to make shipping as easy as possible. All you have to do is send us some dehydrated milk. Or, for a small fee, you can overnight a frozen sample to us and we will dehydrate for you. Get ready to be wowed. 

Sand wedding bands for men and women in 14 karat yellow gold



Sand jewelry is a beautiful way to remember once-in-a-lifetime occasions. We have stunning pieces for both men and women. We even offer couple’s styling, which is especially popular when remembering a destination wedding. Generally, just a teaspoon of sand will be plenty to complete a piece. We often add gold fleck, white opal, mica powder, or a crushed gemstone to the sand to give it extra color and sparkle. Be ready to be wowed.

Wood sleeve and wood inlay wedding bands.



With wood and antler jewelry a staple now in modern metal design, we think these pieces are made even more special when you submit materials yourself. We’ve helped create inlay and sleeve rings with wood from the Mayflower, hometown stadium seats, a childhood treehouse, grandpa’s workbench, and more. Antler is also incredible as a sleeve or inlay, with specimens submitted from local annual sheds or prized trophies. 

Custom 14 Karat Yellow Gold Ring with Emerald Cross.



If there’s one thing we’re proud of, it’s helping our customers tell their own stories through jewelry. We especially love it when you submit your own materials for the design. We’ve incorporated parts from a spaceship, a Bertha golf driver, a tractor, bone, flannel shirt, teeth, blood, and more. Seriously – it’s nuts. Our Custom Team will walk you through the process step-by-step. Start imaging what you have in mind.




Want a pop of color? Cerakote offers a hand-painted, ceramic-based, finish to the sleeve of your ring. We offer cerakote in just about any color you can imagine. We can even match a custom hue. Cerakote doesn’t have to be just a single color either. We often create patterns or ombre fades with the technique. To make it extra cool, add an exterior pattern engraving.